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Will God's Judgment come upon the USA?

Posted by Peter Helmut Voigt Labels:

A possible Yellowstone volcano eruption in 2014 has some people pointing to how animals have been spotted fleeing the national park in recent days.
In a related report by The Inquisitr, it’s claimed that the recent Yellowstone earthquakes won’t trigger a volcano, but scientists have acknowledged that if a Yellowstone volcano were to erupt the resulting super-volcano could kill everyone in the United States:
“The Yellowstone volcano erupting could release enough magma and ash to bury whole cities underneath kilometres of destruction. The good news is that the super-volcano at Yellowstone isn’t in danger of exploding any time soon. The last time it occurred was before the dawn of civilization. While it’s believed stopping an eruption is impossible, researchers say they should be able to predict an eruption by monitoring the pressure of underground magma.”